What are subli-mate fabric sheets?

Subli-mate fabric sheets are light fabric sheets designed for sublimating on dark and light fabric materials. The sheets can go directly into printers and designs do not have to be altered before print. Simply print as you see and want your design to print out. You do not have to flip or mirror images.
The sheets have a special adhesive backing that actives to grab unto other fibers when high heat is applied.
The sheets can adhere to cottons, blends, polyesters, linens, denims, mesh and athletic fabrics. 

How do you apply subli-mate fabric sheets to fabrics?

1. Print your design unto the sheet ( on material side or non shiny side) - Do NOT mirror
-Place one sheet in the printer at a time. For larger sheets you may need to place 3-4 sheets of regular paper to support the larger (11x17 and 13x19) sheets if your printer is a rear feeder.

2. Let ink cure (set into sheet) for minimum 45 minutes.
You can also heat cure the design. To do this place design on top of fabric where it will be placed, cover and hover the heat press over it for 1 minute. If you heat cure be sure to complete steps 3 & 4 first.
(we recommend this to get best result in vibrancy of print as well as to limit any fading)

3. Remove any lint from fabric

4. Heat press material for 10 seconds to release any moisture

5.Trim away any borders or excess on the sheet that you will not want to seal to your fabric.
You can use any sharp blade to trim the fabric. Examples shears, exacto knives, cutting blades etc..

6. Place subli-mate fabric sheet with shinny side down directly unto fabric and transfer to heat press.

7.Place a parchment sheet over the top of the sheet to protect your heat press.

8. Press at 380 degrees for 40 seconds (ensure firm & even PSI pressure on press) In order for the adhesive to completely seal to your fabric it is important that the heat press temperature is evenly distributed and firm/heavy pressure is apply to help it marry into the gibers of your fabric.

7. Let cool to room temperature and enjoy your creation.

What are the washing instructions?

Wait 24 hours for first wash.
Subli-mate fabric sheets are fabric and they are delicate. You should be able to enjoy many wears with them. To help ensure this we recommend to wash on delicate cycles in the washing machine and dry at low and medium heats.
They can also be washed by hand.

We recommend to always iron once dry to ensure fabric presents it's best after wash.